Ideas from small people's minds.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

But I'll be your friend... I promise I will.

I found him sitting in the corner today.
"He said he won't be my friend anymore."
Such big tears from such a little human,
but I could totally see his point.
A lot of them don't want to be my friend either.
So there in the corner
of a kindergarten playroom,
I was comforted by a crying child
who gave all the tears I couldn't.


Lauralei said...

You know what I find strange, and again, points to how mysterious the human heart is? When someone doesn't want to be your friend, and you realize you shouldn't have any longing to be theirs, but it hurts, and sometimes you still want to be theirs. The human heart, it's sooooo baffling.

Ps. If Befaffled was a word, what would it mean?

Ceidra said...

Poor little boy.