Ideas from small people's minds.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

But I'll be your friend... I promise I will.

I found him sitting in the corner today.
"He said he won't be my friend anymore."
Such big tears from such a little human,
but I could totally see his point.
A lot of them don't want to be my friend either.
So there in the corner
of a kindergarten playroom,
I was comforted by a crying child
who gave all the tears I couldn't.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Why the frown, oh my friend?
Are the clouds an interference?
Is it too chilly to laugh freely?
Or are you simply disappointed in the rain?
I'm sorry, you know, for the outcome of our play date,
but there really is no going back.
You can hate it if you want, you can frown.
Or you can search the ground for dry, sunny patches,
but please don't be shocked by what you do, or do not find.
Because this place isn't what it once was.
And it seems everyone here is so disheartened,
or maybe it's the rainy day.

Friday, April 24, 2009

I dreamed that I woke up in a garden.
With brandy-drinking dandy lions
who couldn't hold their liquor
and violently roared their disapproval.
The sunflowers fake baked and the roses smoked pot.
I hs from the chaos behind a shifty-eyed gnome
until the bumbling bees found me out
and chased until I burst through the thorny hedges,
into the future. The future of my hope.
A big city, built from sun soaked stone.
Delis lining the jewel toned streets,
serving hard salami, peace, pickles, and love.
Laundromats that efficiently and effectively
removed stains from Pasts and cotton/polyester blends.
And city sanitation crews would clean the gutters
filling big bins with all the minds they find there.
With robots who wash dishes and fathers who come home.
I fell back asleep on a soft park bench
only to wake up back in the garden,
but with no more imprisoning hedge.