Ideas from small people's minds.

Friday, April 24, 2009

I dreamed that I woke up in a garden.
With brandy-drinking dandy lions
who couldn't hold their liquor
and violently roared their disapproval.
The sunflowers fake baked and the roses smoked pot.
I hs from the chaos behind a shifty-eyed gnome
until the bumbling bees found me out
and chased until I burst through the thorny hedges,
into the future. The future of my hope.
A big city, built from sun soaked stone.
Delis lining the jewel toned streets,
serving hard salami, peace, pickles, and love.
Laundromats that efficiently and effectively
removed stains from Pasts and cotton/polyester blends.
And city sanitation crews would clean the gutters
filling big bins with all the minds they find there.
With robots who wash dishes and fathers who come home.
I fell back asleep on a soft park bench
only to wake up back in the garden,
but with no more imprisoning hedge.